The future of our historic and beautiful church is very much reliant on the fundraising activities of our parishioners. You can help to support us in the work that we do and also ensure that we can continue to pass our heritage onto future generations.

If you are interested in general donations, gift aid or leaving a legacy gift to St Winnow Parish Church, please consider giving to the Parish Giving Scheme or contact us.  Alternatively please donate through our Give A Little campaign page, below. Thank you.

Give A Little (Opens a link to a new website)

 Christian Aid 

Christian Aid is the charity of the Church of England. With many millions of pounds from Christian Aid’s emergency budget supporting those fleeing from war zones, their resources are really stretched. So it is even more important that we give money to support these smaller projects that make such a life changing difference to poverty stricken people world wide. Small amounts of money can transform lives, giving people dignity and hope.


Fair Trade

St Winnow Parish Church, with St Nectan's Chapel holds Fair Trade status, playing our part in the global campaign to change the way trade works for the better and supporting 1.5m farmers and workers to take more control of their lives.

Why Fairtrade? Because trade isn’t fair. The people in developing countries we rely on for the food we love often don’t get paid enough to be able to feed their own families. They face the uncertainty of not knowing if their income will cover their food bill this month, meaning they can’t plan ahead or save for the future. Add to this the challenges of climate change and rising food and fuel prices, and you can see why they need our support.

Fairtrade is one way to make a difference, through choosing products with the FAIRTRADE Mark every time you shop. There are lots of labels out there, but Fairtrade is the most trusted and the only one 50 per cent owned by the farmers themselves, making them part of the most important decisions about what we do.

"It’s the people – the Fairtrade Foundation and all the supporters, the people who push Fairtrade forward and enable Fairtrade to have an impact for me and other farmers." Banana farmer Albeiro Alfonso ‘Foncho’ Cantillo Ruiz, Colombia