The wonderful gift of a new baby into the world, is something to celebrate! The start of a new chapter as a Christian of any age is something to rejoice in! At St Winnow church we welcome all ages and backgrounds, from newborns upwards for baptisms.

Infant baptisms – Christenings

For families wishing to have a new baby baptised, we welcome you to celebrate this special day with us on one of our usual Sunday services, as you join our church family – we do love a baptism! In exceptional circumstances we can offer a private service for you and your new baby - just get in touch to discuss.

Whichever service you chose for your baby, they will be welcomed into the family of Christ and of St Winnow, where there will always be a place for them and you.

Godparents: This is an important decision, and it won’t necessarily be your closest friends that you decide upon. The person/people you chose will have a special role in supporting and guiding your child in their faith journey, so we recommend they are:

  • Baptised (this is a stipulation of the Church of England). Ideally they will also be confirmed, but this is not vital - Just an understanding of what it is to be a Christian.
  • Someone who will be in touch with your family for many years to come – often family or friends of the family.
  • Someone who you can trust to be there as a guide for your child with the maturity to answer difficult questions as your child grows on faith, life and love.

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Adult baptism

Not everyone is baptised as a child. We all have our own journey, and St Winnow Church is always happy to welcome a new brother or sister into the family, no matter what age they are. Most adult baptisms are carried out as part of the regular Sunday service, where you can be supported by the Church family. You don’t need a godparent, as you are able to make the baptismal promises yourself, but are welcome to bring as many family and friends to support you at the start of this new and exciting life chapter. Adult baptisms are usually at the font with water on the forehead, rather than a full immersion, in this church.

Come and visit one of our services, and if you are a little nervous, just email/call us and we would be happy to arrange a friendly buddy to sit with you during the service and guide you through it. If you don’t need a buddy you can be assured of a warm welcome.

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A blessing as you prepare for a baptism

The Lord bless you, and keep you.
The Lord make his face to shine on you,
And be gracious to you.
The Lord lift up his face toward you,
And give you peace. [Numbers 6:24-26 - NHEB]