Bell Ringing

St Winnows ten bells were designed and fabricated by Nicholson Engineering at Bridport in Dorset and the bells cast to their design by Royal Eijsbouts of Asten, Holland in 2017. They are the world's lightest ring of ten bells hung for full circle ringing in a church tower.

They are a very fine ring of bells with a beautiful sound.

Our original six bells are retained at the top of the tower where they are rung by an electronic chimer. Unfortunately, these bells cannot be rung full circle due to the damage they have done to our tower, but we have kept them and facilitated hearing their historic sound.

We  have a friendly group of resident ringers who welcome new people warmly.  Please contact the Tower Captain for information.

Church Tower Policy 

St Winnow Parish Church has an active bell ringing group and work closely with others within the Benefice and beyond.

This includes working with the children and schools in our Parishes. Our aim is to take bell ringing to our five local primary schools to encourage the years 5 and 6 to learn how to ring hand chimes, hand bells, mini ring of bells and tower bells and so involve them, their parents and school in the mission of the church and grow our congregations. You can read more about our schools project by following this link: A ringing badge was also developed with the Scouts during 2017.

There are six conserved, historic bells at St Winnow, now with chiming apparatus, four cast by Penningtons, famous local Cornish bell founders around 250 years ago, in the 18th century, the other two being cast by Whitechapel foundry in the 19th century.

Bell ringing has now resumed again at St Winnow following the installation of our ten lovely new bells and completion of our internal tower refurbishment in August 2017.  St Winnow and St Mary Bradoc meet on Monday and Tuesday nights to practice the ancient art of Church bell ringing.  If you are interested in joining any of our practices, please contact us for confirmation of which church we will be at.  Similarly, new members to our active and friendly bell ringing group are always welcome and again, please contact us for details.     

Ten bells are the most musical combination for any peal of church bells and place St Winnow Parish Church in a unique position. They are the only ring of ten concurrently cast bells in Cornwall and the only ring of ten in South East Cornwall.  Visiting towers are most welcome by prior arrangement through our Tower Captain