We take our stewardship of this beautiful place very seriously and both St Winnow and St Nectan churchyards are taking part in the “Cornwall Living Churchyard” scheme, a joint initiative by the Diocese of Truro and Cornwall Wildlife Trust. This is in response to the call by environmentalists to create wild areas for our struggling wildlife; what better place to use than a churchyard? If you venture into St Winnow church porch, you can find a small display showing our progress. Plans are also afoot for a portable “spotter” guide for use by visitors to help identify the range of plants and wildlife that make their home here.

Our most recent acquisition at St Winnow is a bee hotel. This provides a safe place for bees and other solitary insects to rest and leave their eggs.

We hope you enjoy our churchyards and are not put off by the nettles growing, and the “weeds” thriving – remember a weed is only a wild plant in the wrong place and our churchyards are definitely the right place!

A prayer for our world

Heavenly Father,
You have taught us, through your servant St Francis,
That all creation is your handiwork.
Grant us your grace that we may
Exercise wise stewardship of this Earth;
Tread lightly upon it;
And cherish its resources;
That our children may enjoy its riches, throughout all generations,
And your name be glorified through all that you have made.

Rt Revd David Walker, Bishop of Manchester


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