Magic of a St Winnow Christingle

Monday 4th January 2021

Magic of a St Winnow Christingle

Nothing was going to get in the way of St Winnow Church celebrating Christmas.

CV19 safety in place St Winnow got into the spirit of Christingle and an amazing production of the Nativity. Maureen and Silvia played the Carols on the organ, so the scene was set.

We had a beautiful Mary and a willing Joseph and Angel Gabriel who was almost stunned by her performance.

Not to be left out a few adults took part.

There was what could only be described as an awarding winning display of true acting from the shepherd, the three Kings performed their role with the utmost sincerity. And what can we say about the Star what can we say.!

The whole service lifted everyone’s spirits and reminded us of what Christmas is really all about.